Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers work hard to provide us with comfort and convenience every day. We take this dynamic duo for granted- at least until they break down. The thought of your laundry piling up is never a pleasant one.

Thankfully, Oliver’s Appliance Repair of Edmonds, WA can help. We have serviced every make and model of washer and dryer, including Kenmore, Whirlpool and LG. We are confident that our team of highly certified technicians will be able to promptly pinpoint the issue and offer you a viable solution.


DIY Repairs

As tempting as they are, we don’t recommend DIY repairs when it comes to washers and dryers. They have many internal parts that are in constant contact with water. This poses electrical hazards for you and your family.

Also, without the proper tools and knowledge, you risk causing more damage to your appliances. More often than not, these damages are not covered by your warranty.

It is better to call a reputable repair service like Oliver’s. Our reputation in the Edmonds area speaks for itself. We offer maintenance and repair services at an affordable price.


Signs That Your Washer and Dryer Need Servicing


Too Much Vibration

This is usually a sign that your washing machine is not on a level surface. The floor it’s on might be weakening or worn. The damper pads or snubber pads may be breaking down and require repairing. Give Oliver’s a call and we’ll come troubleshoot the issue.


Partially Spinning

The lid plunger or lid switch may be behind this issue. It could also be a burnt-out solenoid or damaged wires. Either way, these internal components need repairing.

Dryer Not Heating

In this case, the heating element may have broken down. You may also have to look at the igniter assembly or the sensors.

The thermal fuse may also be at fault. This internal component prevents the dryer from overheating. However, if it blows, then it will cut the current to prevent a fire from breaking out.


Is it Time to replace my Washer and Dryer?

No matter the make or model of your washer/dryer combo, they usually last between a decade and thirteen years. Any older than that and you should consider replacing it. We can help you choose new units, as well as install them.

There is no need for you to wait for your washer and dryer to magically start working again. For all of your washer and dryer needs in the Edmonds area, give Oliver’s Appliance Repair a call. Our team of friendly customer service representatives are on call, waiting to offer you support in any way they can. They will help you set up an initial consultation.