Brands We Repair

Oliver’s Appliance Repair offers servicing and maintenance for almost every household appliance on the market. We have the skill and the expertise to work with any major brand. Here are some of the major brands that we service:



Known for its electronics, this Korean powerhouse is also well known for its appliances. Having been in the business for over eighty years, this company has released the largest array of household appliances, including fridges, ovens, and dishwashers.

These appliances, as reliable as they are, break down from time to time. Oliver’s Appliance Repair has the skill and the knowledge to repair them.



LG is another Korean mogul in electronics. They also boast a vast range of home appliances that not only look amazing but are also innovative. They offer everything from fridges with front windows on them, double laundry machines that are stackable and dual ovens with double doors. Our technicians have gone through extensive training to be able to handle these appliances.



Bosch has earned its spot as one of the top three appliance manufacturers in the world. They have spent the last 125 years winning multiple awards for their aesthetically pleasing appliances that are both reliable and functional. Oliver’s Appliance Repair is well versed in Bosch products and knows what makes them tick.



This New York titan came onto the scene in 1892 and has been designing appliances that positively impact households ever since. The cutting-edge technology that they use has always kept future generations in mind and has planned for the advancement of technology. If you are having issues with your GE appliance, then call Oliver’s Appliance Repair and we’ll repair it for you.




This is another popular appliance brand that is known worldwide. They specialize in kitchen and laundry appliances. Even with all of their impressive features, Frigidaire products break down. If you feel like your appliance needs to be checked out, Oliver’s Appliance Repair is more than equipped to handle them.



As a branch of the Middleby Corporation, the largest manufacturer of kitchen appliances, Viking produces a wide variety of ovens, stovetops, ice makers and air conditioners. Their products used to be exclusive to restaurants but are now being released into households. Oliver’s has you covered if you need any repairs done on your Viking products.



As a branch of Whirlpool, Maytag has been a staple of Edmonds homes for many years. Their brand manufactures top of the line kitchen and laundry appliances. We have more than enough expertise and skill to repair Maytag appliances. Give us a call and we’ll book an initial consultation.



They have been in the appliance business for over a century and their appliances are known worldwide. They outshine the competition in terms of reliability and performance. If your Kenmore appliances start to malfunction, we can service and repair them.


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Oliver’s Appliance Repair is licensed to repair most of the major brands on the market. If your appliance needs TLC, then call us today for top quality service at an affordable price.